Solid Angle is more than a production company.

We are a new way of thinking. 

We don't just think outside the box, we ignore the box altogether. 

Solid Angle is a collaborative team of artists, producers, managers, designers, and technicians who specialize in creating outstanding events and products that utilize the latest technologies, while staying budget-conscious. 

We believe that our work should be influential, eye-opening, immersive, creative, and most important, fun. 

Our projects encompass a broad spectrum, including custom scenic, lighting and video design work, permanent space buildouts, comprehensive full-scale live events, specialized premiums, aerial photography, as well as many other mediums. 

Our goal is to become our clients' greatest resource for all their project needs. 

We combine our clients' needs with our creativity and passion to create concepts that shine and are implemented flawlessly. 

Our clients' range from premier agencies to the most prominent brands of today. 

We enjoy all parts of the process:  Ideation. Design. Development. Implementation. Results.

With the right mindset, focus, and determination, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. 

Let us know how we can help accomplish your goals today. 


Your Solid Angle Team